People we have worked with

Kevin Powell- Watford FC 1st Team Physiotherapist

Since joining Watford FC Academy Medical staff in 2009 Chris has always carried himself in a professional manner and always displayed confidence in his ability and skills. He has good knowledge of anatomy and immediate pitch response and has always maintained solid working relationships with academy/reserve team players and coaching staff.

Jay Cochrane- Wigan Athletic Coach & iFDA Residential Director

As a coach who has worked in the professional game for almost 10 seasons, I would like to thank Chris for the education he has given all my players and me also. His professionalism, knowledge base and manner is probably the best I have seen at any pro club I have been involved in. From my time with him, the care he puts into all his players has seen him use several methodologies, all of which are player focused and progressive. I always hear people refer to him as ‘the man’ as he can do anything which is required. I would always recommend him to anyone in youth football, for me there is no better.

Tim Lees – Liverpool FC Academy Coach & iFDA Academy Director

I have worked with some of the best conditioning experts, football coaches and fitness specialists in world football. I rate Chris one of the best I have worked with. He combines his knowledge of conditioning elite athletes across all ages with a modernistic approach to developing footballers physiologically. He also has a constant desire to be the best he can be; this is something which sets him apart from the rest. He is the first person I employ whenever we run elite development programmes.

Rohan Ricketts- Professional Footballer, former clubs include Arsenal & Tottenham Hotspur

Chris has brought his excellent experience, skills and knowledge to my websites and has put together well-written articles on topics such as football, health, nutrition and fitness. His monthly instalments are widely read amongst my fan base and he continues to produce excellent work.